We stand on faith in God and our mission statement is based on Ephesians 6:7

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Mike Willis | Hermitage, TN
...As a company, Kelly's exceeded my expectations and while I know it varies from job-to-job, Kelly's charged me less in the end than initially quoted! I would, without reservation, recommend Kelly's Cutting Edge tree service...>>read more



Karen Felts | Mt. Juliet, TN

It is always amazing to watch Tom work and I find myself not doing my work while I watch him climb very old, very tall, and very dead trees....and he makes it look effortless. When the job is completed it is as if they were never there. What an amazing and inspirational family! I will continue to have Kelly’s Cutting Edge take care of my trees for.....>>read more



Russel Hitt | Mt. Juliet, TN
I've used Kelly's Cutting Edge service two times now and I'm happy to say I'll use them again the next time I need work done. They are very professional and....>>read more



Mike Hammet | Mt. Juliet, TN
I appreciated the quality work, the fair and reasonable price, and the pleasant atmosphere they brought with them. They exemplify the meaning of “Family Business”. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable company who does exceptional, quality work.... >>read more





Our Company....Our Family

Tom Tumbaridis, owner and proprietor of Kelly’s Cutting Edge, has been in the tree service industry for over 21 years. He began working for a landscaping company in 1990 climbing trees with nothing but a chainsaw....no ropes, no straps, no gear, just a fools courage and a dream. (NOT recommended)

In 1995 he started working for Asplund*™ and had worked his way up to management by 1996. After leaving Asplund*™ he decided to go into business for himself, doing home improvement and contracting work, yet still doing trees on the side.

However the trees kept calling and finally he answered, starting Kelly's Cutting Edge LLC naming the company after his wife, Kelly.

family shot


The two work well together, running the business and raising 4 boys. They believe the family unit is life’s most important ambition and as soon as each boy is old enough to carry a log or drag brush,they are trained in the essentials of the tree service industry, but most of all….the value of hard work and being part of a team.


Tom and Kelly home-school the boys and firmly believe in a good education and the importance of a good work ethic that will carry them through adulthood. Not only do they all work hard and work well together as a team…but the result is far more than just monetary…. they are a very close family.



Being a close family is certainly a plus, however without God at the helm, no plan is sure, so this family business does it’s best to always remember to keep Jesus Christ at the center of all decisions ~ business wide…working as for the Lord rather than man.

mission sign


God has truly blessed them in many ways, both financially and spiritually, but like it says in the bible, no life in this world, refined by God the Father, is without its trials and suffering....

( James 1:2-4, 1Peter 1:6-9, 1Peter 5:10, Hebrews 12:27, Revelation 21:4-5 to name a few)

On April 21 2009, Tom was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and it seemed as though any dreams of becoming a powerhouse tree service to rival companies like Asplund*™ or even a happy, productive ~even functional~ family might die right along with him . The daily routine was turned onto it’s head as Tom battled the greatest fight of his life!

After many prayers and long months of uncertainty, God gave the answer they had all long for, and Tom began to overcome this ravenous disease…and on December 17th was declared CANCER FREE!. Today the family is hard at work once again, but this time thanking God everyday for His love and grace in their lives. They realize ~like never before~ that every single day, (and the blessings…or trials…within) is a gracious gift from Him.



(for more on Tom’s journey through cancer and beyond, be sure to check back and visit Kelly’s ~ “Tribute to Superman” ~ website featuring a dramatic slide-show of his struggle from start to finish - that is presently in the making and will be up and running very soon)